Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Excuse me, have you seen my... never mind.

I'll mention one thing that hasn't been seen this week. Me at the office. :( The sinus infection got worse and a trip to the doctor ensued. The antibiotics were a little strong and the instructions slightly misleading... It was 14 hours later before I could hold down food again, but I promptly took the second dose. The discomfort was less this time; in fact, it only made my stomach uneasy and took away my appetite.

The good news: people have been praying for me and loving on me and taking care of me. And my doctor has switched me to something that my body should handle easier. Hopefully my stomach will be ready to eat a full meal tomorrow morning so I can take my new medicine and get better!

But while I'm moaning about a sinus infection, people in Myanmar/Burma are in the midst of a military crackdown. I can't find the news article that I previously read describing the devastating physical attack from the military on the Bhuddist monks marching through Rangoon/Yangon. But this article provides a timeline overview.

Please pray for Myanmar. The government has doubled fuel prices, shutdown outside phone and internet, blockaded tens of thousands of monks inside their monasteries, and is conducting nightly raids. Journalists are not allowed in the country -- the one Japanese journalist who was already there was shot during one of the protests. His body has been returned home to Japan, but not his camera.

Sources also tell us that the Christians are not able to meet in groups larger then four or five and are closely watched. Please pray for safety, boldness, wisdom, and steadfastness.

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Anonymous said...

Sinus stuff is no fun :(.
Feel Better. LT