Sunday, September 09, 2007


Here's some random information for you:
  • This past weekend's activities: All night prayer on Friday and a scavenger hunt for all the interns on Saturday.
  • Number of plastic yellow duckies procured for scavenger hunt: 18
  • Current radio tuned to: Dallas Cowboys vs. NY Giants football
  • Current activity (besides blogging): sorting grocery receipts
  • Verses for this week's Bible Study: Ephesians 4.
  • Fun plans for tomorrow: Lunch with Steph.
  • Work plans for tomorrow: install updated beta software to help track news stories.
  • Random person met today: John. He lives in the house I used to rent. Rach and I shared with him about the Lord.
  • Current challenge: trying to figure out how to run soaker hoses around my house.
  • Current excitement: My family is coming to visit this next weekend!
  • Current learning: forgiveness.

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