Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm blogging this

I was wearing my "I'm blogging this." shirt this evening while at the intern game night. So to be honest, I should probably blog. :)

Thanks for your prayers for the new interns. They are all busy adjusting and learning new work responsibilities. They are also learning to have/give grace for those moments when they don't have serious work to do -- the training isn't complete or the mail is slow in coming... I know they would continue to appreciate your prayers for adjustments.

Last night was quiet, but today was busy with visiting the Dallas Farmers' Market, working on broken lawn mowers, transporting a desk, shopping for groceries, and playing at the intern game night. Praise God for days of rest.

Snippet from Ruth Bell Graham:
Test me, Lord, and give me strength to meet each test
unflinching, unafraid;
not striving nervously to do my best,
not self-assured, or careless as in jest,
but with your aid.
Purge me, Lord, and give me grace to bear the heat of cleansing flame;
not bitter at my lowly lot, but mete to bear my share of suffering
and keep sweet, in Jesus' name.

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