Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tulsa for the weekend

I traveled to Tulsa, OK for the weekend for a college friend's wedding. There were six of us classmates that traveled from KS, OK, and TX to attend the wedding, so it was a wonderful time catching up. (Oh, and a beautiful wedding! Congratuations, Gina and Jimmy!) With large Catholic families, the wedding dancing was still going on when I left.

I'm heading to try to spend some extra time with the Lord tonight -- I'd continue to appreciate your prayers for my heart to be sensitive to Him and my trust to be wholly in Him. Pray that I would believe with my head and my heart that He'll be faithful to guide me as I follow after Him.

Brother K.P. used an illustration in a message the other day that caught my attention. He told about a man who was coming to visit him a friend in a large city. He studies the maps and watches the road signs and still ends up lost when he arrives in the city. Frustrated, he calls his friend and describes the landmarks. His friend, figuring out where he is, comes in his car to lead him to his destination. The man starts his car back up and follows his friend's car. He doesn't study the map or try to figure out the road signs -- he just follows his friend's car. A few turns and a couple blocks and he's there.

"Wow!" he says. "That was easy!"

Simply following.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that story wasn't about 3 women traveling to attend a wedding in the city!?!
It was great to see you this last weekend. We made it safely back without getting lost. Anesthesia is going okay. My blood pressure is high but the animals have survived so far.