Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finally... a post!

You won't know this, but the posts stopped abruptly after I moved into my new house and lost my evening computer/internet ability. (Thanks, Jen, for letting me use your laptop for so long at the apartment.)

So many things have happened -- I've been needing your prayer more than ever and updating you less frequently than ever. Let's see if we can catch you up to date:
  • Jan 17 - Ice Storm hits Dallas. Dorinda moves from apartment to new intern house.
  • Jan 18-24 - Dorinda unpacks new house
  • Jan 25 - First intern (Dani) arrives for Road to Reality (RTR) internship program.
  • Jan 26 - Dorinda's at the office, Dani's running errands. Work on getting settled in.
  • Jan 27 - Next two interns arrive. Steph and Sara arrive Sat afternoon. We have get-to-know-you-spagetti dinner that night with August RTR interns. Unpack.
  • Jan 28 - Church together. Sara's boyfriend flies back to MN. Unpack.
  • Jan 29-31 -- Full days of orientation at office. Supper at staff homes. Dorinda runs frantically back and forth between orientation sessions and job responsibilities.
  • Feb 2 - Closing intern orientation and All Night Prayer.
  • Feb 3 - Dorinda is sleepy...


  • For unity at the house -- that we would be able to grow together in those things the Lord is wanting us to grow in.
  • For the girls as they face homesickness -- for some, this is their first real time away from home.
  • For grace learning things in the office -- new people, new names, new responsibilities, new computer programs...
  • For me to have balance for my responsibilties at the office and my internship responsibilities.

Funny (and real):
Meal prayer by a non-Indian visitor to the mission field:
Dear God,
I'll eat it.
You keep it down.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope that you are getting settled into your new house, and got some rest this weekend. LT