Sunday, January 14, 2007


In Kansas, the advent of a strong thunderstorm system causes radio station KFDI and others to begin "continuous storm coverage" until the system is past. They have people out with mobile units in different areas, telling about the size of the hail and the severity of the wind. Dallas does nothing like that. Well, at least not with thunderstorms. Ice is a different story.

We've been in an ice storm warning from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. They've been predicting up to an inch of ice and the news stations have been interrupting even the football games to provide ongoing coverage of where the storm is now and how slick the roads are. They've titled this storm system "The Arctic Blast." This morning's coverage included a weather forecast (revised to say up to one-half inch of ice) and visiting various mobile units posted at major freeway intersections. However, without the freezing temperatures, the freezing rain wasn't freezing. The mobile reports were hard put to find something to report, resorting to "You can see the water at my feet--it isn't frozen yet. A few raindrops just landed in it." and "You can see the vehicles behind me on the freeway -- they're not having any problems. There's a truck just now exiting on the ramp from I-35 and you can see it's driving slowly. Now, over to Marsha at the high five interchange."

My roommate remarked: "Dallas - the only place where it makes the news when someone is driving slowly on the freeway."

And me? I've been busy packing... and taking time to seek the Lord in prayer. Often I know what needs to change in my life, but I never get around to asking the Lord to help me in making those changes. I just keep trying to change them in my own strength.

I praise God for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

We did get some frozen precipitation here in excessive weather updates though. It was just a little snow. LT

ginabnina said...

We got ice, lots of ice. It's strange in that it looks like a blanket of snow outside, but it's actually about 3 inches of solid ice.

Rachel said...

I enjoyed your blog entry about the newscaster reports. :o) Hey, BTW, my blogger seems to be two hours off when I do posts/comments. (It says 4:00 instead of 6:00?!) Maybe happened when I switched to the new google blogger. Definitely not a biggie, probably just a setting I changed accidentally or something. Maybe we can look at together sometime, but no hurry. :)