Friday, October 20, 2006

At home, sick

Sitting in bed with flu/cold symptons slows me down enough to take time to post. Thanks for all your prayers for my recent trip to Kansas. Saturday was a lot of fun at Sterling College, seeing friends and visiting with my sister (current student) and our family. Sunday and Monday were filled with visiting supporters and sharing just a few stories of what God is doing in Asia. Some of the supporters I had not seen in 4 years, so it was wonderful to see them again. The weather was beautiful with a delightful fog covering the ML area on Monday morning - I enjoyed a quiet walk along the back dirt roads.

One of the things I shared about during the trip was the Road to Reality Internship. People would ask me what it was about. I replied that part of the goal of the internship was to challenge each intern to live their life, regardless of where God calls them, in light of the Great Commission.

Isn't that how we all should live?

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