Saturday, August 12, 2006

Belated update

My sympathies go out to my KS supporters for my total lack of blog posting. I know...some of you GFA staff who like to read it are missing it too, but you know a good chunk of what is going on.

Perhaps we'll start a slow and steady update. My right now status: the 05-06 internship has ended, the 06-07 internship starts one week from today. You can pray for SE - a roommate of mine from last year. She's the one who will be living with the girl interns during this next year instead of me.

What am I doing? Currently I'm living out of suitcases at my cousin's home and spending some time seeking the Lord. I'll continue to do computer helpdesk and software training at GFA, but I won't be part of the Intern Discipleship Team this coming year.

One joy from today: being invited to a staff family's home for supper with a few close friends and finding out it was a suprise birthday party.

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