Thursday, June 08, 2006

Birthdays and more

One of my cousins that I work with at GFA had his birthday today - he's an ancient 26. I tease him about being old, but he keep reminding me that I'm older. Well, so much for insults. I did enjoy celebrating with him and his family this evening-- ScottyP's... the best hamburgers in Frisco.

Today's Thursday IT Training was on using Outlook calendar software to reserve a room for a meeting. Hopefully, this will help keep two meetings from being scheduled in the same room at the same time. :)

We also are praising the Lord for a new full time staff person in IT. Ray arrived today to work in the software development side of the computers. His family is still in Florida, waiting for their home to sell. Would you join me in prayer for the sale of their home? Thanks!

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