Friday, June 23, 2006

7 days...

Next Friday is the start of the Renewing Your Passion Conference. Most of the office is frantically busy with last minute details and arrangements. Meanwhile, helpdesk has been fairly quiet, so I've been making myself available to help the others in our department who are busier than I.

The IT department has had its share of excitement this week. Rick's laptop started freezing up 3-4 times a day. He's an IT member who is the master schedule coordinator for the conference, so his laptop not working was a major blow. Bigger was Tuesday afternoon when the air conditioner in the data center/server room (where we keep all the master computers) got a plugged drain and started leaking/dripping water onto the servers. They say it will take two weeks for the parts to get here to fix it, so we're praying fervently for things to keep working.

Meanwhile, I've been learning lessons about faith and trusting in the Lord. I'm afraid I keep failing - you can pray for me in this. :)

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