Friday, April 21, 2006

Prayers and more prayers

Thanks for your prayers for ML. She's trying a new pain medication tonight and has decided not to go to the neurologist for the time being. We'll keep praying and watching things.

I've got a couple big projects this weekend I'd like to seek the Lord and hear from the Lord about. You can continue to join me in prayer for:
1) The Lord's guidance on what part He wants me to play in this coming internship year.
2) A heart of unity and humility in the house...and clear communication.

Prayer points for the world:
1) The uprisings in Nepal are getting worse with police killing protestors, demonstrators, lawyers, and journalists. Many areas of the country have no access to food or needed supplies because of the strike. You can check Google news or any international news source for more information.
2) North Korea Freedom Week starts tomorrow (the 22nd) and Open Doors has information on how you and your church can pray. Visit their website at:

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