Monday, January 16, 2006

Changes in life

The past week has been a combination of praise, prayers, and changes. Bro. KP and his family are back from India for the holidays and we've been hearing lots of updates from the mission field. While rejoicing in the praises, we also were troubled to hear that one of our Bangladeshi missionaries was brutally murdered. We also spent extended time praying for the Muslims during their pilgrimage time to Mecca.

My life got a little busier on Thursday as I flew out on a schedule trip to see my sisters in VA (skips long story). I was on a surprise layover in Chicago-O'Hare when the message came through. My grandfather had passed away that evening.

Friday was filled with rearranging flights and making plans and packing funeral clothes. C&L and myself enjoyed the Smithsonian Zoo on Saturday and then flew home to KS on Sunday.

The funeral was this morning-the mortuary was filled to overflowing with standing room only. Many of you knew before this blog and were already praying--thank you! I have been blessed with a deep Christian heritage. Both my grandfather and my grandmother (who is still living) are Christians and their entire lives have been a testimony of God's love and faithfulness to many. Thank you for your prayers for the family as we travel and adjust to the changes.

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