Sunday, December 04, 2005

My plant needs water

I noticed today that my plant needs water. I don't think I've watered it since Thanksgiving. Then I realized I hadn't blogged since before Thanksgiving either. I hope my readers aren't dying. I haven't posted recently because of the guilt of not posting, but decided I should probably just take the first baby step...

Field updates: We got the news that just days after our Thanksgiving, one of our believers in Bhutan was forcibly re-converted to Buddhism. Please pray for him and his family. His son is a missionary in India and is on his way back home to help with the situation. You can read about this at the website.

Thanksgiving update: I traveled with my sister and one of the GFA interns to my parent's home in Kansas for thanksgiving. We walked to the pond, swung on the rope swing, had a wiener roast, met lots of friends and family, and listened to Grandma and Grandpa's memories of WWII and the Mahatma Ghandi. It was a wonderful weekend.

Home update: Our vacuum quit working two months ago and we've been wanting to get a new one...but we'd like to get a new one that's going to last for several years. This evening, one of the couples at my church handed me a Christmas card. I opened it and found both Christmas greetings and a significant Christmas gift check.

We'll be making a stop by the vaccuum store this week. Praise God!


Anonymous said...

You hade better get an ork ;) hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow that sound like a very picturesque thanksgiving! Praise god that you had so much fun. :)