Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It's late at night--I'm heading off to bed with plans to get up early in the morning and prepare for Thursday morning training. I've been busy with small and big things at the office - training more staff to work as operators for our phone system, setting up links on the intranet so staff families can access ministry information from home, and planning a software upgrade for one of our servers.

My coordinator just returned this week from spending multiple weeks in Asia -- helping them network their offices with computers to increase communication and help things on the mission field run more smoothly. Now we're praying for more staff in India to help run those computers. And we can use more IT staff in the US office as well. Oh, and we lost one of our native missionaries this past week to malaria.

Please pray for me -- that I would continue to be diligent in what God (and my coordinators) have asked me to do.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know if u ever read this part of your blog but I would like to tell u that I find it to be very encouraging thanks for putting it out even though imp not a regular

D said...

Yep. I do read my comments--with a passion. I'm glad you find it encouraging. I'm trying work on posting more and look forward to your input on what encourages you the most or what you like to read about. Me? The office? The mission field? Or maybe just all of it...