Saturday, November 12, 2005

Joining Together

So many different parts to the body of Christ--it's amazing how God has linked us all together!

Please pray for a church of believers in India. It's not published on the web yet -- I'll post the link when it is up -- but the believers in this church are being threatened with death unless they deny Christ. The deadline is next Sunday. You can get the updates on this situation by signing up for the GFA email updates -

Nine of us GFA staff members went down to a Jeremy Camp/Bethany Dillon concert in Grapevine. Bethan Dillon and her family have supported GFA missionaries for the last 10 years and really love the ministry. I slipped out of the (noisy) concert at one point during the evening and almost ran into (literally) her road manager Aaron (a.k.a. her brother). I introduced myself and said I worked with GFA. He was so excited and wanted to make that we had time to talk with Bethany afterward.

So after the concert, the GFA staff gathered outside in a quiet grassy area. Aaron "kidnapped" Bethany from the signing table and we were able to chat for a couple minutes and then spend some time praying together as a group before she went back in to sign more autographs.

It's so neat that God connects people from so many parts of life. And it's fun to see it in action.

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that? You got a private meeting with a famous person! It is neat to see how God brings people together.