Monday, October 17, 2005

Seeking God

Thanks for all your prayers. We've got the training and operator implementation all ready for tomorrow. Things are going well for that. We were able to borrow a vacuum last night to keep the house clean as we seek God's provision. (The first vacuum we borrowed last night busted a belt in the first ten minutes. So we had to go borrow a second vacuum. It worked.)

I'm trying to spend more time in the Word this week - you can pray that I would be consistent in doing that and that the Holy Spirit would open my eyes to it's truth. Also pray - I want to be able to have relationships with the people around me where I can confront and encourage them and they can confront and encourage me. That takes time, prayer, and sacrifice.

In Asia - tribal warfare is killing dozens in northeast India. You can read about the lastest happenings here in the Hindu Times. I've heard numbers of tens of thousands of people left homeless so far.

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