Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My interesting day...

4:45am - Woke up early. Unable to return to sleep. Noticed strange gurgling noise in bathroom. Remembered hearing it late the night before. Decided it was normal house noises. Read in Psalms 113-117...
6:05am - Started running water to shower and shave.
6:15am - Shower water never got hot. Decided not to shave. Finished washing hair in cold shower.
6:25am - Checked hot water heater. Found water pouring down the sides. Uh-oh.
6:30am - Call GFA Maintenance guy.
6:35am - Turned off pilot light. Went outside and realized the release valve for the water heater was running water out of the house at about 6 gallons a minute.
6:40am - Called Mom. Shut off water to water heater.
7:00am - Called landlord.
7:05am - GFA Maintenance guy arrives. We use the garden hose to drain the water from the hot water heater into the bathtub.
7:35am - Walk out the door for work. Realize I forgot to take the trash out for trash day. Dashed through the garage with the trash and found water running into the garage through the ceiling. Oops.
7:45am - Drop SG off for dentist appointment.
8:00am - Called the landlords again.
9:00am - Setup computer for 1pm training - make sure it works ahead of time.
9:05am - Realized there is a meeting starting in the room where I'm setting up the computer. Oops.
10:30am - Move 1pm training to 11am.
10:40am - Donor database stops working properly. Helpdesk flooded with calls.
10:50am - Realize the ONE THING I didn't test this morning for the training doesn't work.
11:15am - Move 11am training back to 1pm.
11:25am - Found problem in test. Brand new phone cable was bad.
12:15 - lunch.
1:00pm - Have 1pm training. Spend rest of afternoon quietly working on helpdesk tickets.
5:00pm - Leave for supper and to get SG's prescription.
5:30pm - Prescription left at COSTCO. Headed for Sonic.
5:45pm - 4 miles later, Sonic wasn't where I thought it was. Oops.
6:00pm - Return to COSTCO and eat. Get prescription. Get phone call from landlord--no hot water until tomorrow!
6:27pm - At office, set up laptops for prayer meeting.
6:35pm - Test Bro. KP's power point to make sure it works.
6:40pm - Show TC how to work remote control for laptop.
6:45pm - Laptop #1 dies. Run upstairs and get laptop #3.
7:00pm - Prayer starts. Laptops working.
7:35pm - Bro. KP starts showing pictures from his recent trip.
7:42pm - Bro. KP's power point stops working on the computer. Three IT people try frantically to figure out the problem.
7:44pm - Power point starts showing on laptop #2.
7:45pm - Remote control for laptop stops working. Starts again after being reset.
9:00pm - Finish prayer meeting. Pack up laptops.
9:10pm - Get to IT with two laptops only to realize I left my keys downstairs. Thankfully I'm rescued by a passing knight.

The rest of my evening was fairly quiet - home, prayed for SG's mom in the hospital, got a quick shoulder rub from ML, toted the garden hose from the bathtub to the back yard, went grocery shopping. Got chocolate milk on sale.

I don't think I'll be disappointed if tomorrow is slightly less exciting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like your in the battle. =)
I hope you know there many standing behind you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

I would say that you had a some what of an event full day as SS would say “fun fun” heb 12 2

Anonymous said...

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