Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Earthquake in Pakistan

I know this post is late, but please be praying for GFA's Bible College in the Indian state of Jammu andKashmir. I'm sure that you have all been praying for the earthquake there at the border of Pakistan and India. We've been praying and interceeding as well. Our Bible College was structurally damaged and several of the students had minor injuries. They are praying right now for safety and opportunities to go into the devastated areas.

Reports in the news media indicate that many of the relief teams getting anywhere close to the hardest hit areas are mobbed and their stuff taken before they can ever set up to work effectively.

You can see the initial GFA story at http://www.gfa.org/gfa/newsupdate100805 and you can check back at the main www.gfa.org site for updated information.

THANK YOU for praying for me while I was at the web conference! I could tell when people started praying and I started understanding things...slowly. Pray that I will now have wisdom and discipline to put it into practice.

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