Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tired...and the Holy Spirit

I'm very physically tired right now. My back has been hurting me almost around the clock for the past two weeks (pop-pop-pop every 30 minutes or so) and the adreneline rush from the first of the internship is definitely worn off.

Today was a crazy day in the office with so many things happening at once. I also managed to get my car to have its oil changed and state inspection completed over lunch hour. NN wants my help setting up internship activities for this Friday/Saturday and I'm already triple booked for Friday.

And I think to myself, When am I going to get to the end of my physical rope and let God work through me instead of me trying to do it all myself? Where does the outpouring of the Holy Spirit come into this--giving me the strength and wisdom and boldness to go into situations that are scaring me to death?

Mom and Dad, don't worry. I'm not depressed or anything like that. I'm just tired. And so thankful for each of the people who pray. Thankful for the people who print off my blog so others can pray for me. Thankful for a God who listens.

Our videographer returned this week from India. He shared briefly at prayer tonight about a church in south India that has grown so fast that it has outgrown the church building that hasn't yet been completed.

What a joyous problem to have.

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