Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In between

We're in the middle of transition... I have no phone or internet at the house until Saturday as we change from one service provider to another. I've been busy this weekend purchasing things for the house and scrubbing the bathroom floor and cleaning the fridge. It's a little easier to do these things when there is only one of you. 18 days until the interns arrive...

We've been busy at the office getting ready to do phone software training for our new phone software. I'll start making the documentation tomorrow and then start training on Thursday and continue it little by little throughout the month of August.

Two of my local supporters are planning on coming to Friday night prayer this week! I am so excited! Please pray that everything works out.

An email was sent out today from GFA with an update on the Bombay flooding and people have been coming to the website to donate to the disaster recovery fund. www.gfa.org/flood

Hey! I was involved in that! Yesterday afternoon, K and S had an email problem. They struggled with it for about 2 hours before they called me and I stopped by and we trained them on how to use it in about 10 minutes. What were they working on? Making sure the email list that the urgent updates were being sent to was up to date!

Your prayers and support enable me to be here...so you were a part of this too! Where ever you are working--in the home, the office, at a lumber store in small-town Kansas, or attending college classes... you've been a part of helping the flooded slums of Bombay.

Thank you!

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