Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tsunami Update - Mission Network News

This evening at prayer meeting, we got to hear TC's report from his recent trip to India. He was gone for a week and just returned yesterday. Two of the several people with him included Sharon Geiger of Dallas-based KCBI and Greg Yoder, Director of Mission Network News.

It was exciting to hear TC's updates and see his pictures about the tsunami relief, but I'm also looking forward to hearing about it from the media representatives who were with him.

Sharon Geiger is planning a series titled "After the Wave" which will be airing all next week on KCBI's morning show. Or you can see Greg Yoder's pictures and notes at http://www.mnnonline.org/special/.

If your local radio station airs the reports from Mission Network News (I know that KREJ does!), I would love to know if you heard special reports from them this past week or if you hear anything in the upcoming days.

TC showed a picture tonight of a man he spoke with on the beach of Tamil Nadu. He lost his three children and the family he was living with lost two of their children. His wife is still in the hospital--six months later.

They continue to need our prayers.

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