Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On the way to [Ahdra] Girls Bible College

Here's a few more notes from my Palm. These were taken on our way to [Ahdra] Girls Bible College .

from the back of a small var/suv in [Ahdra]. we jsut arrived by train and now eare zippign at 70kmph or so down a do=wo lane road...currently straddling the center line3. Bro. A is in the passenger seat and is greeting us and asking quesations. There are 8 of us and the driver and Bro. A.. I keep having t o pause my typing and grab on to my PDA so we don't go flying out of the way. We honk and swerve, avoidin one vehicles just intime avoid the next vehicle. It's a good thing we trust our driver...I think. Atleast there are only 10 of us inthis "large" vehicle as compared to the 8 people that were squeezed in the threre wheeledrichshaw we just passsed. This road we are on now haas no center land. people go everyth which way and the roads are domplicatd by the cows that stand blocking one of the lanes. Horns blaredf, a sieh cathes a ride on a p private motorcycle vehind us. and we pass yet another cow. And three more. and a young calf going throrugh the trash. A man on a bike with his wifes behind him and two kids in front of him.. IT is crazy here in [Ahdra].

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