Friday, March 18, 2005

News for the weekend

Hello everyone! It seems that our team is still doing well and things are going along according to schedule. They have finished a day in which they were to see the Central India office, and are now resting up for spending the next couple of days seeing the Bible College and local churches in the area. On Sunday, they will fly to the South India office.

As the team travels to the South of India, they'll be moving into a more tropical climate, more humid than where they are right now. They will also get a chance to see how different each of the regions where our ministry works are from one another. One interesting thing about this is that even though they serve in such different places, it's amazing how the same heart for the Lord comes through the leaders and believers in each region. Some of the leaders Dorinda is spending time with in the field are brothers who have visited us at the Home Office before, and though each has a unique call, we are always so amazed at the unity of heart and passion for the lost that is common to all of them.

The more the time goes by, the more excited I am to hear Dorinda's testimony and the testimonies of others on the trip! Have a blessed weekend!

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