Tuesday, March 08, 2005

4 days...

I was struggling today with the concept of grace. My black and white view of life has little room for grace. There is sin and sin has concequences. And just because God by His grace forgives, that doesn't mean there are no consequences.

My evening went from one mess-up to another--whether the server permissions were messed up, the CD burner wasn't working, a mis-communication with a co-worker, outdated DirectX files, or forgetting the CD I drove half way across Carrollton to deliver. Frustrated after forgetting the CD, I climbed back in my car...only to see the Blockbuster rental that needed returned by noon today! Ironic, I thought. A free rental that I have to pay late fees on. I battled the sin/consequences/grace issue all the way back to Blockbuster. I walked in to Blockbuster, stopped at the desk and said, "I've got a DVD here I forgot to drop off this morning on the way to work. I think I owe you some money." The young man at the counter tooked the DVD, "beeped" it, touched a couple of keys, and replied, "Looks like everything's okay here. Have a great evening."


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