Sunday, February 06, 2005

We arrived back this afternoon about 1:30 from Acquire the Fire (ATF) Houston. I was hoping to blog during our time there, but alas, facilities were not available. We set up our booth Friday afternoon and ate an early supper with members of the ATF ministry team. I really enjoyed Caleb and Jared and Megan and others at the table where I sat. I was amazed at how easily we interacted... until the guys pulled out tubes of mascara and began applying makeup. I quickly realized the truth. I had picked the table with the ATF drama team!

The event was full of 6,000 teenagers and youth leaders from all walks of life. There was a group of young Marines, country boys with their boleros, grew-up-in-church kids, Goths and Goth-wanna-bes, stereotypical homeschoolers, self-proclaimed teenage homosexuals, bored teenie-boppers, and many, many who had a heart to follow after God.

We saw 60 child sponsorship packets picked up by teenagers, youth groups, and families. You can pray for the people who saw the presentation about the Bridge of Hope program and even now are going back to their churches and youth groups to pray about sponsoring a child.

Pray for me too. I continually find myself a difficult person for others to teach. I'm not unteachable, I just have a lot of stubbornness and pride that get in my way.

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