Tuesday, January 18, 2005

We heard some amazing updates tonight in prayer meeting about the tsunami relief work on the field. I'll post a link to them as soon as they put them up on the web. I think they are sending part of an update out via email tomorrow.

CBS Channel 11 here in Dallas sent Dr. Mona Khanna to Sri Lanka two weeks ago to gather stories and bring back footage of the tsunami relief. "She and [her cameraman] have been following two North Texas aid organizations, the Texas Baptist Men and Carrollton-based Gospel for Asia. " They aired footage last night that didn't mention GFA by name, but it certainly looked like one of our churches in the background of one of the relief camps. Today they included a story and footage on Bro. KP and the GFA work at the 4:00 news slot.

Prayer need: A staff daughter I'll refer to as Joanna and I will be sharing about GFA and the tsunami and the Bridge of Hope child sponsorship programs at McKinney Christian Academy junior high chapel Thursday morning. We'll share at the high school chapel next Tuesday. Your prayers as we prepare are appreciated!

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