Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thank you for all your prayers for the sharing opportunity Joanna and I this morning. I think it went very well. It was a great group of kids and I think we made them think. I think. I talked a little too long and crunched Joanna's time at the end. We'll adjust that for next Tuesday when we share with the high school chapel.

Looking for a resource to share with your church on the tsunami? Because of the multitude of requests, GFA has created a power point with pictures and music that quickly covers the tsunami, the devastation, the relief work, and the hope. My missions pastor is excited about sharing it with the church on Sunday. Maybe yours will be too. Make sure you have high speed internet to download this 8MB file... or be prepared to wait.

I share with a life group tomorrow evening about GFA and the tsunami. The same couple is hosting this as hosted the Bible study I shared at two weeks ago. Pray for grace, prepared hearts, and new supporters!

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