Saturday, January 15, 2005

Since I was at the office late last night, I got recruited to do some transcribing work for Bro. KP. He's currently in Asia, but had sent back some .wav files. The files contained interviews with several of our native leaders and pastors. As I played and rewound and played and slowed the speed down and tried to understand the thick Indian accents through the fuzz of my computer, I heard their stories over and over. Stories of watching the devastation take place and being helpless to do anything. Stories of tragedy, of families split forever. Stories of personal sacrifice and love. They are going to be using these stories to write update stories for the website. I'll let you know when they get posted.

One of my coworkers and I spent most of the day yesterday in Dallas for more computer training. We were evaluating the company to possibly work with them in the future to provide computer training. It was a job well done by the company. We stayed after the class for 45 minutes as two of the trainers plied us with questions about Gospel for Asia. Now if only our sales rep was a Christian.

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