Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One of our workers in Asia spoke about the children. He drew a verbal picture that even I cannot enunciate. He spoke of the hours after the tsunami hit. Working within sight of the beach, he saw the young children running up and down the sand and yelling for their parents. Screaming, trying to find their mom and dad in the only way they knew how. With nothing familiar and no answers from anyone, they simply continued to run up and down the beaches, desparately calling for their parents.

I thought of when I was lost as a child. Even thinking about it, the terrified feeling came back and I wanted my mommy. But can you imagine? Screaming for help and there is no one there to answer you. You will never see your family again. Ever.

There are mothers who have lost their children and, Bro. KP wrote, have lost their minds as well. Mothers who had their babies ripped from their arms by the powerful flood waters.

The local government officials in Sri Lanka have asked GFA to care for 10,000 of these orphans. You can read about it in the email Bro. KP sent today from Sri Lanka.

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