Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A native missionary we'll call Rajen visited a village in southern India. He was sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the villagers there. Kumar, one of the villagers, was upset by what Rajen shared and proceeded to beat him severely and chase him out of the village.

Two months later. A tsunami has devastated Kumar's village and Kumar himself is hurt and desparately needing medical attention. Before he can find a medical relief tent, who should find him but the very same missionary he had beaten and chased from the village months before. Lovingly, Rajen takes Kumar to a GFA medical relief clinic and stays with him as Kumar receives medical treatment.

Can you imagine what his thoughts might have been? "Why would you come back to help me after I was so mean to you? Who is this god of yours? I didn't know your god loved me so much."

Another life impacted for eternity.

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