Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Our wireless internet access is down at home... you would think it would be good to live with a computer techie, but I can't seem to get it figured out. So I have to resort to posting after hours at the office.

Well, I'm just getting ready to leave the office. And four of my co-workers are still here! I stayed late because I suddenly had the opportunity to attend a training class in Dallas tomorrow so I needed to get a few things done this evening. Setting up printers to share, adding Word macros to profiles, writing down emails of conversations so other people can act on them.

Ooh! The "printer and macros" thing mentioned above is a good way of connecting me to the field. You see, the office in India sends us the updates of the missionaries via the SCP server (big secure computer). AJ, in our Missions department, receives the updates. She runs the updates through a series of macros (mini programs) that check, count, rename, and relocate the updates to the correct file system. Then she runs another macro that prints the correct number of the copies of each update.

Today... AJ's program had trouble access the SCP server, so she emailed helpdesk and I called her and we got that set up. Her computer had also lost track of the macros that she needed to run, so she called me and we made the changes so she could successfully process the updates. Then we setup the printer to share with another staff member so they could both work printing and sending the missionary updates to the Christians in the US who were praying for them and supporting them.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support!!! Pray that I can learn lots tomorrow and represent the ministry well.

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