Thursday, November 11, 2004

I made my cousin a deal this evening. Finish the project he'd been working on for two weeks by the time I finished cleaning the office building and we'd go to the rock climbing gym. He did and we did. We only stayed for a short time before leaving to accomplish our good deed for the evening. We bought a 30" mylar bullfrog balloon and drew a sign saying: "Don't Croak. Get well soon." Then we delivered it to a staff family who has four sick kids. We also delivered a set of Phase 10 cards to entertain them.

I am so thankful... thankful for God's grace. Thankful my cough has gone away. Thankful I didn't lose my temper today when I waited two hours at the dentist office to get my teeth cleaned only to find out they wouldn't clean my teeth today. Thankful that SS is starting to do some of the training. Thankful that God will continue to guide me through whatever he has in store for me.

And thankful for you!

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