Monday, November 08, 2004

I finally took time today to snap pictures of the various parts of the building. I photographed the upper level and was almost through the donor relations department when I saw Chris trying desparately to find a file on his computer. Having just converted to Windows XP, he was pretty confused. So I laid down my camera and tried to help him find the file. Without a document name, location, creation date, or content text, finding a document can be a challenge. And we didn't find it. He finally concluded that he just hadn't typed in his notes from that meeting yet. So no success. But at least we were able to get ready of the nosy little puppy dog and teach Chris how to search in the Windows XP interface.

I think we did pretty good--considering I've only worked on XP 3-4 times in my life. Computer change too quickly!

Post note: THANK YOU for your prayers for my cough. It's almost all gone now! It did show up this afternoon when I had the hiccups. And I had the hiccups--THREE TIMES!

I must be growing.

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