Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Welcome to the new building. Ready to go? I usually use the far north entrance, but since I have a visitor with me, we'll use the front entrance into the round entry lobby. Behind the desk is B---- (whom most of us affectionately call "Auntie B----"). She's our receptionist and main switchboard operator. See that wall behind her? I'm sure you can read the English word "Welcome." The other characters also mean "Welcome"--spelled out in 13 other major languages including French, Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, and I'm not sure what else. Auntie B---- is a dear. She greets each visitor with a "honey," signs them in, and gives them their name tag... there you go with yours. (It says "Visitor" and has your name on it.) Now you're ready to start seeing the rest of the building. Since the lobby is the main entrance to the building, it also gets used as a welcoming center. Just this afternoon, we had two of our leaders arrive from India for a special conference and we all gathered here to greet them.

Let's go ahead up the circular stairs through the library and then to the Communications department.... Oh, did you hear about Ratnaraj and his classmates in Maharashtra, India? We just got the report in. 45 new Christians in a town that was originally hostile to the team of Bible School students who were sharing their faith. In the midst of persecution, God's still answering prayers.

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