Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm tempted to create a "Good Morning George" parody for either my life as helpdesk or for GFA. It might have too many inside jokes for everyone to understand, but maybe you can help me. We're struggling with the: "I have to drive a truck--to make a buck--so I can send it home to my family." Our last (pathetic) try was: "I have to pray real hard--and write my cards--so I can send a native missionary."

I'm trying desparately to get my newsletters sent out to you. Pray that I can get them finished and in the mail this week! I'm off to bed now as I'm tired and my head hurts. I did get a 4 hour nap this afternoon--that was good!

Somehow it seems hard to imagine that tomorrow is Monday again. I've got several goals for the week: training users on Project Web Access, setting up IT training tips to be available on the intranet, and... um... phone training on Thursday!

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