Thursday, October 14, 2004

Do you see the dark windows on the second story of the round entryway in the building picture? As we come up the circular staircase from the lobby, we're on the other side of those windows. The GFA library is located here with missionary biographies, foundational books on the Christian faith, tapes, CDs, and authors from Watchman Nee to C.S. Lewis to Chuck Swindoll. I keep planning to check out the MP3s of The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin. I'm really enjoying reading the book.

Anway... there is so much to see in the office, it will take me quite a while to show it all to you. Oops, here, let me open those double glass doors for you. Okay, let's take a sharp right into the Communications department. Let's see... Dan's office is on the right. He's Bro. KP's son and spends most of his time in India with the work there. He's a pastor and a professor at the seminary. J's office is next. J. is the Operations Manager for the office. He oversees the day to day operations of the Dallas office, but he also travels to pastors' conferences and speaks in churches. J and his wife have four daughters--all of whom volunteer in the office. We might see them later writing stories for the website, scanning missionary pictures, packaging up missionary sponsorships, or processing gifts. Then on our right, we have Tom's office. Tom works with two areas: staff recruitment for the Dallas office and US radio broadcasts. He also travels to conferences and is out most weekends speaking in churches. His wife and two kids also volunteer in the office two days a week.

Off to our left is the Photo/Video department. Let me go check with Terrill. He should have some pictures of the printing press you were asking about. I think Dan was the one who took the pictures when they were setting up the presses in India, but Terrill keeps all those files. While I check on that, you can check out this staff picture. We've grown by 10+ staff members since then, but you should be able to find me.

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