Thursday, October 07, 2004

The blog has been a little slow due to the fact my home computer isn't listening to me. It's talking to the router, but won't ping an outside IP address. We're working on it.

I would urge you to stop by We've had report of at least three missionary death threats, two missionary kidnappings, and of various other ongoing persecution.

Sunday at church, Pastor John asked the church to pray for Pastor Kumar. He and his church members were being threatened with death. Afterward, several people asked if that was one of GFA's missionaries and if I worked with him.

"Yes, it's one of our missionaries," I replied. "However, I don't work with him directly. One of the mission field correspondents emailed the report to H---- who wrote it up into email form and sent it to T-- who sent it out to the email update list for people to pray. I worked with H---- on her laptop last Wednesday and worked on T--'s computer the week before that. I just work in the background so the other people can get their work done."

And you? You support and pray in the background so I can work in the background so others can work and the missionaries can work and the Gospel can GO FORTH!

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