Thursday, September 09, 2004

A week. Okay. So I was lazy. Tired. Busy. No excuse!

Let me address my comments. What caused the cracked window in missions? Check out AJ's blog entry for that day! An entire week without blogging? Yeah, I've probably lost my audience.

16 young ladies went camping over Labor Day weekend--I was the second oldest. The youngest was 13. We hiked and swam in Lake Texoma and cooked hotdogs and marshmallows. It was a really good time of relationship building.

Bro. KP called us all together this afternoon just after he got off the phone with leaders in India. An anti-Christian mob from six villages holds the Gospel workers tied to a sacred tree, demanding 25,000 rupees as a ransom for desecrating their village with the Gospel. If the exorbitant amount is not received within 48 hours, they plan to kill the missionaries as a sacrifice to their deities. Keep updated at the website.

I'm busy researching symlinks for a project at work--working to securely connect our US and Canadian offices. At home, I'm trying to get my room clean and reading the book What's so Amazing about Grace by Phillip Yancey.

Tonight, we kidnapped a fellow staff member and stole her away for supper for her birthday. It was quite a suprise and quite fun!

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