Saturday, September 11, 2004

Sometimes I think I will never learn. I despair of ever being sure of my relationship with God and being sure of who I am or who God wants me to be. Just Wednesday, a getting-acquainted friend asked me if I was a people-pleaser. Yes, I confessed, which of the symptoms did you see? They replied, You ask people over and over if something is okay with them. Not everyone is going to be happy with every decision all the time, they admonished.

This evening, another friend was hurt because they felt I was being bossy. You just seemed to make all the decisions, they said, and didn't seem to care anything about what others wanted.

I've been told repeatedly in the past several weeks: "Just be yourself. We like Dorinda for who she is." But still the question remains... who am I? or which one of me?

You can ignore me. I'm just being moody.

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