Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Funny story from Sunday. My sister S and I were helping tear down and pack up the church's stage into the trailers like we do every Sunday. This particular day, I called S over to pack up a couple of the wooden stair sets that lead up to the platforms. The steps aren't ridiculously heavy, but they are bulky and off balance. At 4' x 2' x 2' and with un-sanded wood and rough metal joints, they are notorious for bruising and cutting me when I try to move them by myself. So we each took an end.

Keith, a big guy that also helps pack up, picked up one of the stair sets and passed us commenting, "It takes two of you, huh?"

I replied that that was how we did things on the farm. If one of us couldn't do it, we called a second. And if that didn't work, we called a third.

"Well," Keith answered, passing us again with a speaker under each arm. "You know there was a reason that Jesus sent out the disciples two by two."

"Yeah," S wisecracked back. "It took two of them to handle all the sound equipment."

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