Friday, July 16, 2004

Yesterday evening was GFA Ladies Mtg.  We get together once a month for a time of Bible teaching and sharing and prayer.  After the worship, K. was sharing in my small group about the hymn we had sung during worship.
"Send the light, the blessed Gospel light..."
God had used that song to convict her during her devotions just two days before.  This evening, he used it again to encourage her that she was progressing what he wanted her to do.  "And that's not a very common song," she concluded.  "It didn't really go with the rest of the songs."
Her comment brought back a memory from the evening before when I had overheard  P. and the worship team practicing the songs for Ladies Mtg.  "Let's try 'Send the Light,'" P. said to the team.  "I know it doesn't really fit with the rest of the songs, but God just brought it to mind as I was preparing."
Isn't God amazing?

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