Monday, July 19, 2004

We at the ministry could use a special covering of prayer this week.  A major project is being released this week (I'll tell you about it Wednesday or so) and the ememy is fighting it.
Friday, the hard drive for the main gift processing machine crashed.  The phone system quit working for three minutes (and then started working again without us doing anything). 
Saturday, the three hours of network system upgrades morphed in to 6+ hours of upgrades--and not everything was accomplished.  The mail server went berserk and was down for three hours.  The Active Directory domain controller lost all its brains.  The phone server got confused and only sent you to voice mail after 14 rings.  The intranet crashed mysteriously and then resurrected itself 15 minutes later.  Half of the office had their home page redirected to instead of our internal intranet.  Sunday, System Admin P. was down sick.
Monday, J. (who was fixing the crashed hard drive)  found himself in extreme pain and needing a root canal in one of his crowned teeth.  C. (administrative assistant to one of the main people working on the project) woke up with an upset stomach and chills.  I went home mid-day with severe abdominal cramps.
THANK YOU for your prayers.

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