Thursday, June 24, 2004

(Where I am? Illinois...getting dental work done.)

Dental Day #1
Well, the day started with an exam. We started with lots of x-rays. ("Here, bite this." Beep!) Then we had a physical poking and diagramming ("Mezzio. Mezzio-Distal. 234.") Then they pulled out what looked like a caulking gun and squirted blue stuff on my teeth. ("Okay. Bite down naturally.") Then they mixed up moldable plastic stuff and put it in metal trays and got molds of my upper and lower teeth. ("There we go.") Then I got to go free. Ate a big lunch, took two Aleve, and went back to the office for the afternoon.

Two and a half hours and 8 numbing shots later, Dr. C. and his team had finished up 18 root canals on 10 teeth. We've got 6 more to do tomorrow. My head is a little achy and my mouth is a little throbbing. My lips are dry. I'm on antibiotics for the massive infections I didn't know I had. Oh, and did I mention I'm taking Aleve?

Thanks for your prayers!

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