Wednesday, June 02, 2004

We had a beautiful lightening show through here last night. There was some pouring rain, but by the time I was heading home from prayer meeting, the only part left was the thunder and lightening. I wanted to just stand on the balcony and watch the lightening fork across the sky in 18 different directions.

Praise God! I've gotten up early in the morning for a run/walk each day this week. It helps my day start a lot better. This morning was beautiful... the air was all clear after the rain and it was actually almost cool out. (Since Dallas doesn't significantly cool down at night during the summer, it's a treat to have cool air in the morning.)

Mel left for India yesterday. She had been volunteering at our home office for the past 10 months and will now be teaching at one of our elementary schools in India. Please pray for her as she is still traveling. Pray for God's grace as she gets acclimated to a new climate and culture--especially in the middle of the summer like it is now.

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