Sunday, June 06, 2004

Today's thoughts are along the techie end of things...

I was facinated by the fact that Alice Hertz replied to the opportunity I offered for a Gmail account. However, I had already received two emails from interested parties before her comment was posted. I did note her email address... it looks like she got her yahoo login in August 1996! Considering that Yahoo! Mail began in October of 1997 after Yahoo! acquired Fourll, she was a very early Yahoo user! Alice, I would be interested in knowing if my detective work in correct.

By author Seth Godin, a very brief but interesting summary of Google's big opportunity.

Google pretty much has taken over Internet searching. They've got one of the most popular (if not the most popular) blog services. They offer language translation and pop-up blockers. They are venturing into e-mail serivce and spam blocking (with promising popularity).

There are some who think that Google should be placed in the same category as Microsoft. You know, that "attempting to take over the world" category. If you like to laugh at conspiracies, stop by Even my conspiracy-minded cousin laughed at their accusations.

To my non-techie friends... I'll write to you tomorrow.

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